Monday, 29 September 2014

28th September

Junior Class

We continued our discussion about the Parable of the Lost Son this week, focusing on the reaction of the elder son to the celebration of his brother's return.

Senior Class
Our main focus was also on the hardworking brother who stayed at home while his younger brother, who had collected his share of the father's wealth, spent it abroad, and returned home, hungry, broke and broken. 
We saw that the elder brother was not happy at their father's joy at the prodigal son's return - for two key reasons; firstly, he, the obedient and hardworking son had never gotten to 'party' with his friends. Secondly, he did not understand why the son who wasted the father's resources should be accepted back home - and with joyful celebrations. 
We noted that the elder son did not ask the father for any of what his brother requested and received. Despite the shortcomings of the prodigal son, he got what he asked for. Matthew 7:7 says we only receive when we ask - from our earthly father, and our Father in heaven. 
Learning from the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son, we realise that we need to make our requests known to God. It is also important not to get angry because we see some person is blessed, or has received something we might want.  

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